Planning a Business Trip to Vienna?


Are you planning a business trip to Vienna? Searching for an apartment for your employees or business partners? Seeking the independence and individuality of a residence, without missing out on the exclusive convenience of a serviced apartment?

Holiday Apartments Vienna


Are you looking for a serviced holiday apartment in Vienna? - A place with all the comforts of your own home plus that little bit of extra luxury? Then our Serviced Apartment OrchideenPark is just the right place.

Expecting Relatives?


Are you expecting relatives from abroad and unable to accommodate them in your own home?
Serviced Apartment OrchideenPark offers 26 exclusive apartments well suited to accommodate your friends and family, as well as cater for their needs.

Short term rent Vienna?


Do you need a temporary place to live? Right away?
Whether it is because you are renovating your own home, or because of a change in your personal circumstances, Serviced Apartment OrchideenPark offers twenty-six exclusive, immediately available apartments for short term rent in Vienna.

Serviced Apartments OrchideenPark

- Elegantly furnished and serviced apartments

Püchlgasse 1A-1D (gate at corner with Gallmeyergasse)
1190 Vienna, Austria

Tel. +43/1/236 29 88 10
Fax. +43/1/367 21 14


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As a special service, we offer our guests a twenty-four-seven check-in at the check-in terminal...

Serviced Apartments OrchideenPark - movie in Russian

For our Russian guests - our movie is also available in Russian right now.  ...

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Under "Contact and Location" there are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in...

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